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Annual winter fundraiser to promote brain health and mental health through active living.
Brain Freeze benefits local groups to support neurological disorders and/or mental health in our community.

Brain Freeze Poster

Who are we supporting this year?

Your donation will benefit Minwaashin Lodge, a charity organization in Ottawa that provides support and services to Indigenous women and children who are survivors of violence.

Please make your donation HERE.
Any amount is appreciated. Tax receipts available immediately for donations over $3.

Thank you for supporting Minwaashin Lodge!

What are we doing together?

Here at Brain Freeze, we believe exercise improves physical and mental health.
This year, we will move together to reach 1 million steps! (although we are apart!)
May the steps you take be symbolic of the steps that the Indigenous community at Minwaashin Lodge are taking to recover from violence.


March 13 and/or March 14

How do I participate?

Log your activities and steps here.
Run, swim, walk, bike, ski, snow shoveling, basically all activities are eligible.
You can use a fitness tracker to count steps.
Or you can use this activity chart to convert your steps.
Multiple entries allowed and encouraged!

We have draw prizes!

You may choose to enter a raffle draw for one of 15 awesome prize packs!
Winners will be announced on Instagram and Twitter at 5pm on March 14.

THANK YOU from all of us
See you soon